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Dental anxiety is often mistakenly termed “dental phobia,” but true phobia creates powerful emotional aversions to seeking dental care for dental issues and can compel people to refuse dental treatment altogether. Dental anxiety is a psychological disorder, but patients still recognize the value of dental care even though the simplest procedures cause anxiety.

Our dentist and team highly value your comfort, and we invite you to try some helpful tips to reduce dental anxiety at your next visit.

The time of day that you visit the dentist can contribute to your feelings of hesitation, as low blood sugar can increase anxiety. We suggest that you try scheduling your visits closely following a meal so that the balance in blood sugar can help you relax.

If certain parts of your dental visit cause stress, simple breathing exercises may help, as controlled breathing lowers blood pressure and minimizes the production of stress hormones. When you begin to feel anxious, inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth.

Another treatment for dental anxiety is nitrous oxide, which is administered throughout a procedure to help you feel calm. Ask Dr. Daniel Bishop today if nitrous oxide is a possibility for your next dental visit.

Our dentist and team members are very passionate about providing high-quality dental care and treating dental anxiety in Salt Lake City, Utah. We encourage you to call our office at 801-274-2500 today to schedule your appointment.