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CEREC® is an advanced dental technology tool that can quickly restore a damaged or weakened smile with a same-day dental restoration such as a veneer, crown, inlay, or onlay. This equipment uses a high-quality dental material to create these dental restorations in the course of a single day. If you need a dental crown to treat a weakened, discolored, or broken tooth, we invite you to consider the benefits of CEREC technology.

When you choose a CEREC crown to restore your smile, you can receive the restoration during your initial appointment, while traditional dental crowns take a few days or weeks so that your dentist can create an impression of your tooth, submit it to a dental lab, and wait for the lab to complete the crown. Due to the advanced efficiency of CEREC, you can receive your oral exam and your dental crown within one visit.

CEREC is a high-tech computer system that uses digital images of your smile to design and create a permanent dental crown. The special software also allows our dentist to custom design the dental crown to match the proper color and shape of your smile. In many cases, CEREC dental crowns are also stronger than other types of crowns.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of CEREC dental technology, call Bishop Family Dental at 801-274-2500 today. Dr. Daniel Bishop and our team would be happy to help you determine if a CEREC dental crown in Salt Lake City, Utah, is right for you!