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So you have removed soda out of your diet in order to be more healthy, but you still need the satisfaction of carbonation. Sparkling water has become a new “healthy” alternative for soda. That may be true for your overall health due to the no sugar factor, however carbonated water is also acidic because your mouth turns the carbon dioxide bubbles into carbonic acid. This is a problem because acid dissolves tooth enamel, which causes teeth to weaken and become more cavity-prone.

Suggestion to help protect your teeth:

Drink through a straw

Rinse with water after drinking to wash away acid

Wait at least 20 minutes before brushing to avoid scrubbing the acid into your enamel. Along with brushing, practice good dental habits including flossing and seeing your local Holladay City Cleaning Dentist to reduce your risk of cavities.

Both sparkling and flavored waters are not as acidic as sodas but with moderation you can still enjoy your favorite beverage.