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At Bishop Family Dental, we specialize in improving smiles throughout the Salt Lake area. If you want to smile boldly but feel self-conscious about your crooked teeth, call (801) 274-2500 and schedule a consultation. We can examine you, take x-rays, and determine the best orthodontics solutions for straightening your teeth and improving your appearance. You may be surprised by how easy it actually is.

Invisalign® vs. Braces for Adults

When considering your orthodontics options, it is important to begin by getting a dental examination. This will help us determine which solution will be best for your particular needs. The next thing to do is think about your lifestyle and how much time you have to commit to straightening your teeth. If you are like many adults, life is busy. Whether you have small children to take care of or a busy career that demands your attention, life can leave very little room for personal care. In this case, Invisalign® is the solution you are looking for. Many of our 84124 patients prefer it to braces for adults because the process is much simpler. Here is how:

Invisalign® aligners are removable. When you wear aligners, you are in control of your treatment process. Unlike braces for adults, where metal brackets are secured to your teeth, you can take the aligners out when you need to. This means you can make a major presentation at work without them in, or attend a wedding, smile for family pictures, etc. with only your natural teeth exposed. We do encourage you to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, but outside of that, you can decide what is important enough to remove them for.
You can eat what you want with Invisalign®. Your aligners are supposed to come out when you eat. Our Salt Lake City, UT patients tend to appreciate that they can bite into a sandwich or eat a steak without worrying about food getting stuck and creating embarrassing or uncomfortable moments.
Teeth are easier to clean. Adult braces, like kid braces, require additional oral hygiene effort, since food and plaque must be removed from in between the brackets and under the wires. This is not the case with aligners. Simply remove them to brush and floss teeth like you always have. At Bishop Family Dental, we know that this one benefit can go a long way in preventing tooth decay and staining during the treatment process.
Invisalign® vs. Adult Braces: What They Can Correct

At Bishop Family Dental, we can typically use Invisalign® to solve our patients’ problems with malocclusion (crooked teeth). However, orthodontics is about more than straightening teeth. Our solutions also need to align the bite. If an overbite or underbite is caused by the teeth, Invisalign® can correct it. If the misalignment is caused by the position of the jaw, traditional adult braces or oral surgery may be necessary. For this reason, we encourage you to call (801) 274-2500 and schedule an appointment with our 84124 dental office. We will examine you and make a thorough recommendation as to which orthodontics solution will be the most effective way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.