Making dental care fun

A fun dentist helps to make a dental appointment much easier for you and your child. Dr. Bishop, a Holladay City Children Dentist, is just that. At Bishop Family Dental our staff offer gentle dentistry to help children feel more […] Continue Reading

Giving you a reason to smile!

Missing or discolored teeth can negatively impact your life. Not being able to smile or relax in social situations can be an added worry you no longer should deal with. A Salt Lake City Cosmetic Dentist like Dr. Bishop has […] Continue Reading

Good sleep, healthy teeth

Sleeping habits have a significant effect on your teeth that you might not be aware of. Sleeping with your mouth open and teeth grinding are common but harmful night time habits. Sleeping with your mouth open puts you at greater […] Continue Reading

But it is only water…?!?

So you have removed soda out of your diet in order to be more healthy, but you still need the satisfaction of carbonation. Sparkling water has become a new “healthy” alternative for soda. That may be true for your overall […] Continue Reading

You know the drill

Fear of the Dentist is not uncommon. Some of the most dreaded words to be heard at a dentist office are Root Canal. But now there are new technologies available to allow for shorter procedure time and less discomfort. Common […] Continue Reading

Need a Local Dentist?

Looking for a Local Dentist can be overwhelming.  Here are a few tips to help you search for a Salt Lake City Dentist. Do a search for a specific area that is near to you or a specific city example: […] Continue Reading

Once…Twice…How Many… ?!

There are no set guidelines how often you need to see the dentist. Every six months is standard, however if you suffer from Periodontitis you may need to see your Salt Lake City Perio Dentist up to four times a […] Continue Reading

Keep Calm & Floss On

Signs of receding gums can be worrisome and sometimes painful. It is a very common occurrence for gums to pull away from teeth exposing the area not covered by enamel causing sensitivity. Although changing to a softer toothbrush and sensitive […] Continue Reading

Taking the Summer Break Literally?

 You are at a Summer BBQ and you decide to use your teeth as a bottle opener….snap OUCH…now what?You will first need to contact a Salt Lake City Emergency Dentist who will then determine if a Cap also known as […] Continue Reading

Facts About Modern Dentistry From Our Dental Office

In our dental office, we understand how important technology is to our practice and to our patients.  As new methods, of treating teeth, become available, we aim to incorporate the technology and tools into our practice in order to improve […] Continue Reading